Kids’ Foundation for Uniting Nations

A global network of kids who inspire each other to initiate positive change

We strive to create a world where kids can participate in a global dialogue to unite and motivate one another to be international ambassadors and environmental stewards.

Forjando Alas Kids’ Club is fast-growing initiative funded by Kids’ FUN and sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica! Our mission is to help children in Costa Rica stay in school, by providing them with an education and educational resources via interactive lessons in English, Science, Math, Technology, Art, Environmental Education, and Drug Prevention. Click here for exciting news and current updates.

Kids’ FUN Youth Ambassadors – Travel to Costa Rica for a service trip! Our service trips are completely student driven and focused on uniting youth through volunteer initiatives, education and fun. Students connect throughout the school year with kids at Forjando Alas Kids’ Club in Uvita, Costa Rica through shared service learning projects and digital media by Skype, video and email. Click here to learn more.

Stop Child Abuse – When invited to paint signs to stop littering, Forjando Alas kids took the initiative to paint instead, “STOP CHILD ABUSE”. They painted and posted these signs around town to raise awareness, including one saying “If you are a victim of sexual abuse, contact Forjando Alas”. That sign went missing. Then one by one all the signs started to disappear. Our message has been heard. We now have tank tops, stickers, and are building a new Kids’ Club to provide protection. You can help here.

How to Film a Movie Clip, developed by Kids’ FUN and Jerry Smith – This is a lesson teaching kids how to produce short movie clips. Click here to learn more.

Around the World Quilt & Film Project, developed by Kids’ FUN- Kids from different countries unite to create quilt squares through a series of lessons that incorporate national teaching standards in English, math, science, social studies and art. Through the creation of the quilt, classrooms link together to brainstorm through Skype. Click here to learn more.

The Bottle Project, developed by Kids’ FUN & student, Gloria Li – Sponsored by a grant from Disney, students at Stanton High School were inspired by their last trip to Costa Rica to create a community project intended to raise awareness, achieve “Go Green” transparency pertaining to waste and recycling. Click here to learn more.

Uvita Literacy Program, developed by middle school teacher, Kelly Vaughn and Jacksonville University professor, Dr. Tammy Ryan, to promote literacy. Click here to learn more.

Ocean Film Project (coming soon)



Kids’ Foundation for Uniting Nations is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.