How to Help

Raise Funds

Kids Uniting often partners with other organizations, such as U.S. schools, for help with raising funds. Current fundraisers are focused on four critical needs:

(1) Construction materials for a larger center for Forjando Alas

(2)  Materials for an expanded campaign against child abuse

(3) Computers to replace the broken computers at Forjando Alas so that the kids can continue their environmentally-conscious GeoPorter partnership

(4) Backpacks filled with school supplies to ensure that the kids at Forjando Alas have the materials they need to complete school assignments

(5) Shop on Amazon to support Kids’ F.U.N.

For more information, email


Travel to Costa Rica to help Forjando Alas! Travel options include group trips (typically for 1-2 weeks) and longer individual stays (any number of days, weeks, or months). Volunteers are an enormous benefit to the success of Forjando Alas. For more information, click “Travel to Costa Rica” in the menu on the left-hand side of this page, or email


Forjando Alas stays up and running with donations from supporters like you. You can donate using the button below. For details about donating, click “Donate” in the menu under How To Help.