What is Kids’ FUN?

Put most simply, we want to empower kids to change their world. Put more descriptively, there are so many children in this world suffering (from starvation, abuse, environmental destruction and lack of opportunities). Many kids in the USA are so unaware of this (in our own country and more so, across the globe). Children, in any setting need to know that they can do anything; they are the stewards of change! The key is communication, learning that these evils exist and that a single child can do something to help eradicate them. Cue global network of communication and assistance: Kids’ Foundation for Uniting Nations.

“Education is the primary way we develop our worldview and hone our individual instincts for positive change. Yet too often our classroom work seems devoid of connection to the real world, to concrete possibilities for the hard work of making things better.” (-www.humanity.org)

How Forjando Alas fits into this picture… Uvita is a place where kids are suffering from lack of opportunity, destruction of natural resources (and often, abuse). This center is the prototype for future safe places in other countries where children can go to gain more knowledge, empowerment and opportunity…using communication (with teachers, community leaders and the global network of kids) as the tool.
A global network of kids working together for positive change.

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