Meet Naomi

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     This beautiful little girl is 10-year-old, Naomi. She loves to pretend she has restaurant, serving up pizza and tacos on a daily basis. She also likes to swim, go the beach and even learned how to surf! She cherishes her lip gloss, headbands, and pretty much anything sparkly and girlie. She is full of energy and hopes one day to become a Kindergarten teacher.

When she was only a year old, Naomi was diagnosed with epilepsy. Since then she has struggled to get the help she needs in school. Although very intelligent, she still can only read on a first grade level.

Naomi adores being read to, especially if it is a story about princesses! She was a huge inspiration for the creation of Forjando Alas Youth Center and currently comes every day to get help with her reading and support in her studies.

Click here to help Naomi and other kids like her at Forjando Alas Youth Center.

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